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FilmPermit is your trusted filming and photography permit application partner in the UAE

We efficiently coordinate on your behalf with relevant government authorities to obtain a filming and photography permit. FilmPermit is independently operated by Studio 52 who has been a reliable partner in media industry since 1977.

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Modern Meets Traditional

The UAE and the Middle East is blessed with year-round sunshine, rich heritage and the world's most inspiring architectures. The skyline is complete with Burj Khalifa, Burj Al Arab, The Palm Jumeira to name a few. We even have our own Louvre.


Filming Permit

Offload some of your worries to us. We take care of obtaining the permit from Dubai Film & TV Commission Committee on behalf of you, while you get to focus on what matters the most, the script.
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Boxed Experience

Filming Permit Coordination
Apply for the permit with professional help. Smoothly coordinate with local authorities to ensure you get the permit you need.
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Production Planning
Organising schedules, equipment planning and vehicle booking, FilmPermit makes filming in the UAE a great experience
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Production Orchestration
Getting in and out of shooting spots, keeping the schdule and assisting in organising the rental equipments, leave all that behind!
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Turnkey Service
Right from assisting you in the application stage to coordinating with local authorities to arrange for rentals, out turnkey service is a recipe for success.
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Why FilmPermit

No matter the type of shoot, FilmPermit powered by Studio52 is your licenced media partner in the UAE. For more than 4 decades, we've blended the desert know-how with urban work ethics. We go the extra mile by assisting you with equipment and vehicle rentals, and an experienced driver to get you to your shooting spots on time.

Professional Filming Permit Service
FilmPermit is one of the leading authorised media partners for corporates, production houses and artists who film and photograph in the UAE.
Long-term commitment
FilmPermit is a licenced media company. We've helped many national and international companies obtain a filming licence. They return to us for their next project.
Avoid Missed Schedules
We are a reliable team of professionals who ensure you avoid cost overruns, missed schedules and simply a bad headache.
Fast Delivery
Get the quickest response to your production permit requests. FilmPermit professionals guide and update you with timely communication.

More Magic Moments

UAE is blessed with coolest locations from cleanest deserts to most modern metropolis, from biggest mall to tallest building.

We are a licensed media company to get you FILMING and PHOTOGRAPHY PERMIT for almost any type of shoot, assist with equipment rental, vehicle rental with an experienced Driver and more. Give yourself piece of mind – consult with us today.

Skylines like never seen before. From the tallest buildings to some of the most renowned heritage sites; capture architectural marvels you won’t find anywhere else in the world.


Idyllic parks, beautiful resorts, and other attractions are spread across the UAE. Frame your best scenes in the best of locales. Work with FilmPermit and reserve your spot in advance. We make shooting in the UAE effortless.


Simply breath-taking! That’s what people say when they see the marvelous landmarks that grace the UAE. From Burj Khalifa to The Grand Mosque, from the Ferrari World to the Emirates Palace, a perfect blend.



In the UAE, it is required by law to obtain a filming and photography permit before you start shooting. Filming without a permit is unlawful in the UAE. A licenced media partner like FilmPermit can help you obtain one effortlessly.
Dubai Film & TV Commission Committee is the only competent authority in licensing all media photography operations that take place in Dubai. Documents required and the procedures differ based on the venue you select & we have expertise in obtaining permits without hassle.
Typically an application is required with information related to your filming objective is required. Passport copies of the crew is also required. A script, type of production (corporate, film, photography) is helpful in speeding up the permit process.
It can take up to 2-3 working days on an average to obtain a permit. Timelines can differ based on location, information required, objectives, etc. In that case, your licence partner will inform you.
It varies based on the property that you intend to shoot. Government, private and semi-private properties have a different set of rules and associated cost.
If you are using a public indoor facility, you need a permit but if it is a private indoor area, you may not. It's best to consult.
Yes. When shooting at a cultural and heritage sites require an additional permit from proper authorities.
You will need to declare and get approval for the equipment that you wish to bring with you to shoot with Customs. Alternatively, we can assist in arranging for the equipment that you require to complete your shoot.
For all international filmers and photographers, a permit is required before you arrive in the UAE to avoid delay and cost overrun. Also, declare and get a permit for all of your equipment. A copy of your passport is required to obtain a permit. Along with it, some other documents might be required. An approved licencing partner can help you navigate the challenges.
No. A work permit is not required to film in the UAE.

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